Securing Critical Data for Healthcare Organizations, Providers & Patient

Provide peace of mind for providers and patients

From securing sensitive information such as patients’ electronic health records (EHRs), to ensuring secure collaboration between providers and protecting the integrity of critical medical home devices, SAIFE® enables healthcare organizations and providers to protect patient privacy and achieve compliance for the industry’s mandates and requirements.

Our SDP solutions protect the devices and data that health organizations rely on most. SAIFE can protect an organization’s entire infrastructure, eliminate the vulnerabilities associated with mobile communications and extend security to a medical device in a patient’s home.

Key Benefits

Achieve HIPAA Compliance

SAIFE ensures the confidentiality and integrity of electronic protected health information (ePHI), making it easy to comply with HIPAA’s Security Rule. Avoid the big-ticket fines resulting from random audits and complaint investigations.

Reduce fraud and liability

SAIFE overcomes the vulnerabilities associated with compromises of critical data, such as improper access control and weak network protections. Avoid the costly remediation and blowback resulting from criminal attacks and employee errors.

Increase productivity

SAIFE enables solutions that harness the speed and efficiency of the Internet without the exposure, all while remaining easy to use for both users and administrators. Say goodbye to antiquated, ineffective, and expensive technologies.

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