Public Sector

Public Sector

Virtual Secure Networks for Public Sector

SAIFE® delivers customizable and reliable communications platforms to customers in the public sector who require highly secure voice and data communications capabilities.

From Continuum, SAIFE’s all-black network, to our mobile security solutions for BYOD environments, SAIFE enables secure communications for the military, defense and law enforcement communities. Our solutions are easily expandable and can be rapidly deployed for secured and assured intra and interagency communications. We enable connectivity and collaboration with unprecedented security when and where it is needed most.

SAIFE provides trusted, proven and agile security solutions that protect mission-critical communications that can be deployed in the most unpredictable and untrusted environments around the world.

SAIFE provides secure and agile solutions for domains that include:

Mobile Command and Control Systems

Rapid Crisis Response

Tactical Reconnaissance

Cybersecurity/Network Defense

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