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SAIFE Extends the Software Defined Perimeter

Introduced at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, the SAIFE Platform Virtually Eliminates the Cyber Attack Surface by Hiding Corporate Networks

Oxon Hill, MD – Today at the 2017 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, SAIFE unveiled its security platform designed to assure secure communications among endpoints and services over the internet. Extending the concept of a Software Defined Perimeter, the SAIFE solution isolates network services and resources from the internet and allows only pre-authorized connections among pre-authenticated endpoints and services. The SAIFE solution substantially reduces financial risk from data breach by hiding high value network assets from view of would-be attackers, effectively reducing the enterprise attack surface by as much as 99%.

Industry spending to secure networks and protect informational and intellectual assets continues to grow, yet breaches and breach-related losses continue to outpace investments. The World Economic Forum estimated the cost of cybercrime to the global 2016 economy at $445 billion USD. “Clearly, conventional perimeter security tools are ineffective for today’s increasingly complex and interconnected world,” said Julian Waits, CEO, SAIFE. “The well-defined, locked down perimeter those tools were designed to protect no longer exists. Today the perimeter is wherever your intended users are on which ever internet connected devices they’re using.”

Among the key findings in a September 2016 report, Gartner reported that “DMZs and legacy VPNs were designed for the networks of the 1990s and have become obsolete because they lack the agility needed to protect digital businesses.”  Even supplementing these preventative tools with detective ones has proven insufficient to protect organizations from today’s sophisticated cyberattacks.

SAIFE’s extensible platform defines network access by identity, device profile, and context, and allows access to only those applications and resources for which a user is pre-entitled. Network resources are completely hidden from unauthorized or unauthenticated users. The SAIFE Continuum creates and enforces agile perimeters in real-time that secure the entire path from user to application, device to service. Data is encrypted and cloaked, and travels in the dark as its traverses the internet and enterprise intranets.

SAIFE’s patented technology has extended the approach of a Software Defined Perimeter to virtually eliminate the remaining attack surface and remove residual vulnerabilities in several meaningful ways:

  • By hiding endpoints and services behind all-inbound-filtering firewalls, SAIFE avoids opening firewall pinholes that can be exploited.
  • By employing certificate-based routing over the SAIFE Continuum, SAIFE makes connections invisible and traffic undecipherable.
  • By allowing connections to be initiated from either side, SAIFE enables a broader set of use cases and eliminates the constraint that a host is either an initiator or acceptor of a connection.
  • By fully automating key management, SAIFE provides the value of PKI without its overhead and cost.

SAIFE is used to secure both remote and local access to enterprise applications; voice, SMS, and data from smartphones and tablets; cloud storage; Industrial IoT and OT data; and to create secure communities of interest that allow organizations to securely share data over the Internet to reduce third party risk.

Added Waits, “We see a significant market opportunity for solutions that isolate network services from the Internet and believe we are well positioned to be a technology and market leader in providing those solutions based on the Software Defined Perimeter philosophy.”

More information about the SAIFE solution can be found in the whitepaper, Solving Security for Today’s Agile Perimeter: A Software Defined Perimeter Approach.


SAIFE eliminates the inherent vulnerabilities of conventional network designs and security tools that cost organizations hundreds of millions of dollars in breach-related losses every year. SAIFE is redefining perimeter security, enabling secure, trusted access to services and data sets over untrusted networks, while making those same services and data sets invisible to unauthorized users and would-be attackers.  We’ve extended the concept of a Software Defined Perimeter to create the first solution that enables dynamic, agile, network overlay perimeters that are device, user, and application-centric, and which can span on premise, cloud, mobile devices, and applications. SAIFE protects customers by substantially lowering their attack surface and enables information sharing across untrusted networks to reduce third party risk. SAIFE’s technology is protected by thirteen United States patents. Visit SAIFE at

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