Zero Trust Network Access Client

SAIFE® Connect is an easy to install Zero Trust Network Access client application available for Windows®, Linux®, macOS®, and AndroidTM. SAIFE Connect establishes a secure tunnel between endpoint devices and an enterprise’s Connect Servers. Whether connecting an enterprise’s remote devices and its private network, or enabling remote access to a virtual private cloud, SAIFE Connect provides a secure, encrypted channel for data in transit. SAIFE Connect works with existing network infrastructure to easily extend a network’s secure perimeter to remote devices to secure data exchange over any network.

SAIFE Connect employs a Zero Trust approach. Devices running the SAIFE Connect client are authenticated and given access to network assets, services and applications based upon factors including identity, time, and location. After connection, devices are continuously evaluated to ensure compliance with organizational policy and security standards. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used to identify when a connected device deviates from its usual behavior. Devices found to be out of compliance can be flagged or disconnected automatically.

Platform Minimum platform version
Windows Windows 7 & 10 (64-bit versions only)
Android 5.0+
OS X (macOS) 10.8
Linux Red Hat Enterprise® Linux/ CentOS 6.6

Key features:

Zero Internet Visibility:

SAIFE’s unique authentication framework masks critical information such originating and destination IP addresses, even over public and untrusted networks. Secured endpoints use the Internet without leaving digital footprints, protecting them from vulnerabilities and profiling.

Zero Trust Security:

SAIFE Connect allows access to network assets and services based upon factors such as time, device location, and identity. Connected devices are continuously evaluated using machine learning and artificial intelligence to ensure potentially compromised devices are flagged and quarantined from all network assets immediately. 

Two Factor Authentication:

In addition to certificate-based authentication, SAIFE Connect allows enterprise’s to enable two-factor authentication for extra security when devices initiate connections to a SAIFE Connect Server.

Instant Revocation:

SAIFE Connect makes it fast and easy to revoke lost and stolen devices, enabling an organization to quickly respond to insider attacks and other potential risks and protect their data.

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