The Perimeter Has Moved On, Have Your Defenses?

It’s time to turn-off your VPN and turn-to SAIFE®

Limiting Third Party Risk

Assure That Those You Trust are Trustworthy

Fully encrypted mobile solutions for Android and iOS

Secure voice, text, and multimedia messaging among enterprise users

SAIFE steps in a new direction with Zero Trust Microperimeterization

Easy to implement and Manage

Simplified access control and provisioning

Lower Investment and Operating Expense

No hardware to purchase or maintain

Truly Invisible

Hides the topology of endpoints

No Open Ports, No Port Attacks

One-way, response-only connection

Zero Trust Remote Access

Long live the perimeter, the perimeter is dead. The well-defined, locked-down perimeter no longer exists. If you think your traditional perimeter-centric defenses are protecting it, think again.

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Third Party Risk Protection

Are those you trust to access your network and your data trustworthy? Your vendors, contractors, and other third parties with access to your networks are one of your greatest security risks.

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Secure Mobile Communications

We depend on being able to communicate with those we need, wherever and whenever we need them. But we often take the security of our sensitive conversations and messages for granted.

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