Secure Mobile Communications

Secure Mobile Communications

Fully encrypted mobile solutions for Android and iOS

Secure voice, text, and multimedia messaging among enterprise users

We operate in a 24/7 world that knows neither temporal nor geographic boundaries. We depend on our ability to communicate with those we need, wherever and whenever we need them. But we often take the privacy and security of our sensitive phone conversation and messages for granted.
SAIFE® provides mobile communications solutions that provides secure voice, text messaging, and multimedia messaging among an enterprise’s users offering:


SAIFE secure mobile solutions operate over Continuum, SAIFE’s secure dark routing network. It’s authenticate before connect paradigm verifies device and user before granting access to the network and other users.  And with zero Internet visibility, encrypted traffic cannot be analyzed to decipher communication patterns, pairings, and other intelligence. SAIFE solutions are FIPS 140-2 certified.  Zero Internet Visibility.

BYOD Functionality

SAIFE secure mobile solutions can be used by employees using their personal, off-the-shelf devices.  SAIFE Mobile eliminates the hassle and expense of dedicated phones, phone numbers, and contained operating systems. Personal and secure business calls can be made from one device.

Android and iOS

SAIFE secure mobile solutions are available for both Android and iOS devices with full-cross platform interoperability. Encrypted telephone calls and messages can be exchanged regardless of device type.

Temporary Communication Groups

SAIFE secure mobile solutions allow temporary communication enclaves to be easily created to facilitate collaboration among members of a deal team, incident responders from different organizations, or operatives pursuing a common mission.   Anyone outside the secure enclave is prevented from communicating with anyone inside the enclave.

Ease of Use

SAIFE secure mobile solutions are easy to deploy with simple user installations, rapid provisioning, and preloaded contacts.  All provisioned users can be easily managed and contact groups easily created via the SAIFE® Management Dashboard.

Top Down Control

Unlike other secure communications applications that allow users to add and communicate with any other users; SAIFE Mobile employs an administrator controlled security paradigm. Devices are only allowed to communicate with other devices which the administrator has specified via the management console. This gives an organization total control over their secure communications system and ensures that data is not being sent to unauthorized devices.

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