Our Leadership Team

SAIFE® is led by an experienced and diverse team of innovative engineers, leaders and subject matter experts from top global commercial technology companies and the United States military, defense and intelligence communities.

We leverage our expertise, experience and innovation to develop critical technologies that provide next-generation security solutions today; securing and protecting organizations’ communications and data against current and emerging threats.

Julian W, Waits, Sr.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Julian Waits, president, and CEO, is leading the charge to create solutions that secure today’s evolving perimeter.

SAIFE’s Microperimeterization solutions authenticate users based on identity, device, and context before establishing access to only those services and datasets for which they are authorized. Because services and datasets receive only already authenticated traffic, they remain invisible on the Internet to unauthenticated users and would-be attackers.

With over 20 years in IT and security, Julian has served as the president and CEO of both PivotPoint Risk Analytics and ThreatTrack Security. Julian has also served as CEO of Brabeion Software Corporation and in senior leadership positions at Archer Technologies, e-Security and BNX Systems.

Julian serves as Executive Chairman of the International Consortium of Minority Cyber Professionals’ (www.ICMCP.org) Strategic Advisory Board and Advisory Board Member of NICE, National Cybersecurity STEM Education. He is an alumnus of both Loyola University of New Orleans and Xavier University of New Orleans.


Ty Lindteigen

Chief Technical Officer

Ty Lindteigen, Chief Technology Officer, maintains a deep working knowledge of digital security.

At SAIFE, Ty is responsible for monitoring IT and security trends, anticipating emerging security challenges, and positioning the company to deliver innovative technology and solutions.

Ty previously led the development of several secure, high-assurance communications devices. His security algorithms for voice and data services, as well as his architectures for satellite telemetry systems, are used in devices throughout the world. Ty earned an MS in Computer Science from Arizona State University, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) who has been granted 12 patents and has contributed to many publications.


Stuart Itkin

Chief Marketing Officer

Stuart Itkin, Chief Marketing Officer brings a passion for building, launching, and scaling disruptive cyber-security and technology businesses.

Stuart was formerly CMO at both PivotPoint Risk Analytics and ThreatTrack Security, and continues to serves as a mentor at MACH37, an accelerator facilitating the next generation of cybersecurity product companies. Stuart previously served as Chief Marketing Officer at CEB and Kronos, and led worldwide marketing at Zebra Technologies, Lucid, PSC, and Symbol Technologies.

Stuart attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he earned a BA and MA and is an ABD. He is a Charter Member of the AIDC 100, and has served on the Boards of AIM Global, Recognition Technology Users Group, Business Marketing Association of Chicago, and as a member of the Eloqua Advisory Board.