Quick Start

Quick Start

1. Create a free SAIFE® Developer account

Signing up takes less than a minute. As soon as your account is ready, we’ll shoot you an email containing a link for downloading the latest version of the SAIFE Endpoint Library.

2. Download and unpack the SAIFE Endpoint Library

Follow the link in the email to download the SAIFE Endpoint Library as a single .zip file. The downloaded .zip file contains the SAIFE Endpoint Library in both C++ and Java, with each language having a 64-bit Linux version and a 64-bit Darwin version.

3. Create a free SAIFE® Management Dashboard account

By creating an account, you can access the SAIFE Management Dashboard or use the SAIFE Management API to build a custom management interface. During development, the SAIFE Management Dashboard will make it easier to test your application.

4. Create your first organization and group

For testing, you’ll want to create an initial organization and secure contact group in your SAIFE Management Dashboard. Your application’s devices will require an organization in order to be provisioned, and will require a group in order to communicate with other devices.

5. Start coding

Using the documentation and code samples as your guides, integrate the SAIFE Endpoint Library into your application.

6. Test your application

While testing your application, feel free to browse SAIFE’s support center for help. Here, you can discuss your project, ask questions, and even receive ticket-based support.

7. Deploy your new application

Once your application is ready to go, it can be deployed through a distribution platform or through manual installation.

8. Provision your application’s devices

Use the SAIFE Management Dashboard (or the SAIFE Management API) to provision your devices on SAIFE’s network and to add them to secure contact groups. Once provisioned and grouped, devices within the same group can securely communicate with one another through SAIFE’s network!

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