Apr 27

SAIFE acquires Assets of GreenZone Systems

Company well positioned as a leader in emerging Software Defined Perimeter market

Tempe, AZSAIFE, a leader in Software Defined Perimeter solutions that assure secure communications over the Internet, today announced that it has acquired the assets of GreenZone Systems, a SAIFE OEM and leading supplier of secure mobile voice and data communications solutions to the United States public sector.

SAIFE substantially reduces financial risk from data breach by hiding high value network assets from view of would-be attackers, effectively reducing the enterprise attack surface by as much as 99%. SAIFE’s Continuum is an extensible platform that defines network access by identity, device profile, and context, establishing access to only those applications and resources for which a user is authorized. Network resources are completely hidden from unauthorized or unauthenticated users. Continuum creates and enforces agile perimeters in real-time that secure the entire path from user to application, device to service. Data is encrypted and cloaked, and travels in the dark as its traverses the internet and enterprise intranets. 

GreenZone Systems applications incorporate the SAIFE Connect SDK to connect mobile COTS devices to Continuum. Continuum provides secure, trusted routing, enabling secure voice, instant messaging, and data communications over untrusted Wi-Fi and commercial cellular networks. Devices using the GreenZone Systems Secure Mobility Suite are cloaked and hidden from discovery.

“Secure mobile is one of several areas where Continuum is being employed to overcome the deficiencies of legacy, perimeter-based security models,” said SAIFE CEO and president, Julian Waits. “Those solutions were never intended for today’s increasingly complex, interconnected world. We see a significant market opportunity for solutions that isolate network services from the Internet and believe we are well positioned to be a technology and market leader in providing those solutions based on the Software Defined Perimeter philosophy.”

Continuum is also used for enterprise application security as an alternative to VPNs, to provide secure cloud storage, secure Industrial IoT and OT devices, and create secure communities of interest that allow organizations to securely share data over the Internet to reduce third party risk. “Our platform is not only being used to protect things like intellectual property, personally identifiable information, and financial assets,” Waits continued, “Continuum is actively being used to protect the lives of American War Fighters!”

With the acquisition of GreenZone Systems, SAIFE has rebranded the Green Mobility Suite, and remains committed to addressing the needs of governments for secure voice, text, and data communications.


SAIFE is redefining perimeter security, enabling secure, trusted access to services and data sets over untrusted networks, while making those same services and data sets invisible to unauthorized users and would-be attackers. We’ve extended the concept of a Software Defined Perimeter to create the first solution that enables dynamic, agile, network overlay perimeters that are device, user, and application-centric, and which can span on premise, cloud, mobile devices, and applications. SAIFE protects customers by substantially lowering their attack surface and enables information sharing across untrusted networks to reduce third party risk. SAIFE’s technology is protected by thirteen United States patents. Visit SAIFE at, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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