Modern security for legacy equipment

Many organizations face significant security vulnerabilities and the challenge of complying with today’s regulatory standards while utilizing older but critical equipment. The SAIFE® Gateway is a cost-effective security solution for devices that weren’t designed to be secure. Whether your organization needs to protect an infusion pump in a hospital room or a legacy RTU/IED in a substation, the SAIFE Gateway provides cutting-edge authentication and encryption for outdated and constrained devices.

With SAIFE Gateway, attackers are unable to see your protected devices, much less tamper with them or use them to gain access to the rest of your network.

Key features:

Extend your existing investments

SAIFE Gateway enables organizations to extend the life of legacy and outdated devices, providing unparalleled security for existing critical equipment for a fraction of the cost of equipment replacement.

Protocol flexibility

The Gateway supports a wide variety of legacy communication network protocols, including those for industrial control and system automation.

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