Network Storage

Network Storage

Secure Cloud Storage for the Enterprise

SAIFE® Network Storage provides secure cloud storage to protect your organization’s critical data. Our storage solution works with your new or existing public cloud (using a cloud service provider) or private cloud (using an enterprise network). Whether sharing documents, multimedia, or other file types, SAIFE Network Storage makes your files invisible to outsiders and puts you in control of your valuable resources.

Key features:

Secure chain of custody

The history of each file uploaded, edited, and accessed is stored in an encrypted record, providing high assurance of data integrity.

Secure data-at-rest

To secure data in the cloud and on each device, SAIFE Network Storage utilizes data-at-rest processing using the strongest encryption available.

Protection from third-party weaknesses

Rather than putting your data’s security in the hands of a third-party file-hosting service or cloud service provider, SAIFE Network Storage protects you from compromises and vulnerabilities that can be introduced by these external parties.

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