Aug 18

SAIFE: Perimeter Security Re-invented

BYOD has changed when, where, and how we work. We’re more aware, better informed, and more effective. But with these productivity benefits comes a fast-growing risk—a consequence of having less control over enterprise data access and security. BYOD devices like smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to malware from insecure apps, email, or web browsing. When these devices connect to a corporate network, they often bypass the inbound security filters applied to corporate devices, providing a path for malware delivery. Similarly, BYOD bypasses outbound filters, elevating compliance risk. Lost or stolen devices further expose corporate assets to unauthorized access. “The problem isn’t just BYOD,” says SAIFE CEO, Julian Waits. As a consequence of cloud migration, virtualization, third-party network access, and IoT, along with BYOD, the concept of a well-defined, locked-down security perimeter is no longer valid. “The security tools organizations are using today were designed for a perimeter that no longer exists,” continued Waits. “It shouldn’t be a surprise that data breaches continue to outpace investments in security.” Read more.



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