Financial Services

Financial Services

SAIFE for Financial Services

Safeguard customer data

Financial institutions are continually plagued with increasingly sophisticated and constantly evolving threats to intercept and steal individuals’ and organizations’ most critical data. Customers demand 24/7 access to their information and entrust organizations to secure their transactions and stored data.

SAIFE®’s secure network hardens weak points in the system, preventing intruders from breaching the system to steal or destroy information. And sensitive financial data is routed preventing man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks from intercepting critical information such as login credentials or customer data. Protect your customer data without impacting customer connectivity.

SAIFE empowers financial services organizations to:

Reduce fraud and liability

From internal servers to employee mobile devices to third-party access, SAIFE drastically reduces the avenues for compromises of critical data. Avoid the costly remediation and blowback resulting from criminal attacks and employee negligence.

Avoid service disruptions

SAIFE stops distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in their tracks before even given the chance to reach valuable network resources. Avoid the cost, wasted resources, and reputation damage resulting from unplanned system downtime.

Create an advantage

Customers demand secure access but don’t like being slowed down by burdensome authentication procedures or false positives. SAIFE enables solutions that provide end-to-end protection, all while keeping security invisible to end users.

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