The on-ramp and off-ramp to SAIFE Continuum

SAIFE® Connect is an easy to install client application available for Windows®, Linux®, OS X®, and AndroidTM devices that creates the egress/ingress point to Continuum. Connect establishes a secure tunnel between mutually authenticated endpoints. Whether connecting an enterprise’s remote devices and its private network, establishing server-to-server communications, or enabling remote access to a virtual private cloud, Connect provides a secure, encrypted, hidden channel for data in transit.

SAIFE Connect creates a secure channel for encrypted data sharing over the Internet with always-on connectivity to a private network. Working with existing firewalls and security parameters, SAIFE Connect easily extends a network’s secure perimeter to remote devices and remote servers to secure data exchange over private or public networks and over the Internet.

Whether protecting employee BYOD devices or server-to-server connections between remote sites, SAIFE Connect works seamlessly for users protecting your valuable data in transit, making it invisible to potential attackers.

Platform Minimum platform version
Windows Windows 7 & 10 (64-bit versions only)
Android 5.0+
OS X (macOS) 10.8
Linux Red Hat Enterprise® Linux/ CentOS 6.6

Key features:

Zero internet visibility:

SAIFE’s unique authentication framework masks critical information such originating and destination IP addresses, even over public and untrusted networks. Secured endpoints use the Internet without leaving digital footprints, protecting them from vulnerabilities and profiling.

Always-on connectivity:

SAIFE Connect is always on and does not require the establishment of a new session for every new connection. Users no longer have to struggle with connecting to their private network remotely.

No hardcoded passwords:

Using certificate-based authentication, each SAIFE Connect instance is issued a unique perimeter-specific certificate, avoiding the security vulnerabilities associated with hardcoded passwords.

Instant revocation:

SAIFE Connect makes it fast and easy to revoke lost and stolen devices, enabling an organization to quickly respond to insider attacks and other potential risks and protect their data.

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