Connect Server

Connect Server

Zero Trust Security for Remote Connections

The SAIFE® Connect Server is a dynamic virtual shield that protects your organization’s private network while enabling secure and seamless data sharing over untrusted and exploited networks. The Connect server is an aggregator providing secure, always-on connectivity between your network and your organization’s devices using SAIFE Connect.

Key features:

Uses Existing Infrastructure

Whether your network infrastructure is a physical server on premises or a virtual server in the cloud, the SAIFE Connect Server can be deployed on any off-the-shelf box.

Rapid Deployment

The SAIFE Connect Server is easily installed to quickly implement and protect your organization’s data sharing with remote devices and servers.

Advanced Firewall Protection

The SAIFE Connect Server does not require open inbound (listening) ports on your private network’s firewall, thereby making the entire network invisible to would be attackers. Only an organization’s devices provisioned with the SAIFE Connect Client can send traffic through the closed firewall.

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