Secure Communications for Commercial Devices

SAIFE® Mobile is a complete mobile communications solution that provides secure voice and text/multimedia messaging between specified users within your organization. Whether you need an enterprise BYOD solution, communication between top executives, or the flexibility to create temporary communication groups, SAIFE Mobile transform commercial off-the-shelf iOS and Android™ phones into highly secure devices, even over compromised devices and commercial and untrusted networks.

Key features:

Protection from profiling

SAIFE Mobile ensures that call details (such as caller identities and locations) are not exposed, preventing eavesdroppers from gaining valuable insights on users.

Cost effective BYOD solution

SAIFE Mobile eliminates the hassle and expense of dedicated phones, phone numbers, and contained operating systems, working with an organization’s infrastructure with no firewall port modifications needed.

Protection from untrusted devices

SAIFE Mobile restricts communication to only verified contacts within a user’s secure and externally anonymous group, preventing contact from anyone outside of the group.

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